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Picture of the Gaia (sphere) Himalayan Salt Lamp, the Egyptian (pyramid) Himalayan Salt Lamp, and the Enlightenment Himalayan Salt Lamp - our largest at 30-40lbs!

Himalayan salt lamps add beauty and ambiance to every room of your home or office. We have sizes and shapes for all tastes.

Himalayan Salt Lamps add negatively-charged ions into the air surrounding the lamp and are reported to be one of the best natural emitters of negative ions in the world. The larger the room, the larger your salt lamp!

Spiritually and mentally, salt lamps are associated with peace, calmness, and tranquility. Physically, salt lamps can help produce a healthier environment for people with allergies and respiratory issues, like asthma.

So, relax... get a salt lamp... enjoy the loveliness and health benefits they bring to your environment.


HealthSpring Premium Himalayan Salt Lamps make a perfect and unique gift for just about anybody!


Himalayan Salt Lamps: Hand-Carved and Beautifully-Shaped


HealthSpring Egyptian Himalayan Salt Lamp: $78.95 + Free Shipping
About 7 1/2 inches tall

Egyptian (pyramid) Salt Lamp



HealthSpring Abundance Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp: $84.95 + Free Shipping
About 6 inches tall

Abundance Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp



HealthSpring Gaia Himalayan Salt Lamp: $89.95 + Free Shipping
About 6 1/2 inches tall

Gaia (sphere) Himalayan Salt Lamp



HealthSpring Sweet Salt Tea Light: $24.95 + Free Shipping
About 3 1/2 inches tall - not a "lamp"

HealthSpring Sweet Salt Tea Light



Himalayan Salt Lamps: Naturally-Shaped

HealthSpring Aromatherapy Diffuser Himalayan Salt Lamp: $73.95 + Free Shipping
8-10 lbs (Height and shape varies -- about 7 inches tall)

Aromatherapy Himalayan Salt Lamp



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